How It's Done

It's so easy: 

Each participant starts with a blank canvass that is 16X20  inches.  The instructor gives step-by-step instruction.  It's fun, it's easy, and no experience is required.  Those who think that they have the least ability are usually the ones who enjoy it the most.  "A Brush With Faith" provides everything for the painting:  canvas, paint, brushes, drop cloths, aprons, instructor, set-up, and clean-up.  You only need to provide the place and tables and chairs.  

How do we make it happen at our church:

  1. Decide that you want to have fun and great fellowship painting a picture that illustrates a Biblical truth. Then pick a time and place. Invite anyone you know who wants to have a good time.  
  2. Choose a picture to paint form the "Pick a Painting" page and then contact "A BRUSH With FAITH"  by phone (or text) at  (248) 762-5909 or use the "Book Us" form on this page to choose a picture to paint, the place, and the time.
  3. Show up and experience fun and fellowship painting a truth that will build your faith. 

That's it!  It only takes a moment to do it now!

For answers to other questions, see FAQs. 

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